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Forward Folding: The SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer

The Forward Fold Concept

The forward folding camper concept is a simple one, but its popularity with campers has led it to forefront of the Australian camper trailer market.

When stowed for towing, the interior camper components are protected by a hard-top shell with the bulk of the camper’s weight located above the main axle. This hard-top is hinged at the front where, upon setup, it is folded forward over the drawbar creating an interior space that is double the length of the stowed configuration. The forward section now offers a large space for a generously-sized bed while the base of the camper becomes an interior relaxation space often designed with a comfortable club lounge. Large windows provide excellent ventilation and raised views over your favourite camp while the club lounge will often convert to a bed, making the forward-fold camper ideal for families.

The SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer is your traditional forward-folding model and also Stoney Creek Campers’ best-selling camper trailer. We also manufacture several other campers the incorporate the forward-fold concept with other features to allow for lighter towing or greater sleeping capacity options.

Stoney Creek Campers SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer is packed with features making it an exceptional camper for the family.

Flexibility & Footprint

There are two main reasons why a forward-folding camper allows you to camp in more places, more easily:

  1. The first is that, because the camper opens over the drawbar, the overall footprint of Forward-Fold camper doesn’t expand when set up, like a rear or side-folding model. This means that finding a suitable camping spot is easier, wherever you are.
  2. Secondly, for many people, stepping up into a camper that’s got a hard floor off the ground has a lot of appeal. It means that whatever the terrain underfoot, you can set up camp comfortably and out of the mud, rocks, or sand! It also provides an element of protection from creepy crawlies too.

Camping in Comfort

Convenience is often a major factor in deciding on which camper to purchase for your family and it’s safe to say the forward fold model is one of the most convenient layouts that offers a quick and easy setup.

Our SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer doesn’t require any additional poles or canvas to be added – simply open the lid, extend the internal frame and you’re done!

In addition, the design of the Forward Fold camper trailers means you can set them up easily on any terrain and there’s no need to peg anything down. For adventurous types, the ease of setting up, and packing up, means that Forward Folds are perfectly suited to long trips with regular (even daily) changes in campsite.

Stoney Creek Campers SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer includes an innovative pantry system that offers greater storage and bench space.

Innovative Features

The dinette / living room functionality adds enough comfort that even the most ardent ‘non-camper’ can be convinced to give it a go.

The interior of the Forward Fold trailer body features a wraparound dinette and lounge area, a fantastic living space unavailable in most other camper trailer configurations. This living area offers a level of caravan-like comfort, but in a unit that’s far easier to tow and better suited to off-road travel.

Good forward folding campers will have a roll-up side, meaning you still get to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your living space, and your elevated position means you’ll have a great view.

Ultimate Outdoor Living

It’s worth also noting that practically, whenever you pack a Forward Fold camper up, all of the sand or dirt that settles on the bed falls off, so sleeping is rarely gritty. In a rear-fold, it’s the opposite – all the sand and dirt falls onto the bed.

Stoney Creek Campers SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer features a large annexe with removable walls allowing a convenient awning set up.
Stoney Creek Campers SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer feels at home in the mud.

Available Now

The SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer is available at all Stoney Creek Campers showrooms.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the SC-FF Off-Road Camper Trailer, check out the SC-FF product page. To get in touch with your local Stoney Creek Campers team, send us a message via the contact form below or speak to one of our representatives by calling your local showroom today.


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