Go Brisbane Caravan & Outdoor Sale Success

There was no better place to help start plan your next great adventure just in time for the Christmas Holiday Season. We had a great show and managed to catch up with some of our amazing customers, and get to know our new ones!

Special mention to one of our Owners, Luke, who crawled all over the SC-FF6 Off-Road Camper Trailer and created a very detailed list of all the updates he could find. You can see it on our Offical Facebook Group Page (thanks Luke!).

Also, I’d like to make a very special shout-out to our fantastic staff. A considerable effort was undertaken to make our Show Display more significant, better focussed and more reflective of the quality and style that Stoney Creek Campers is known. Incredibly proud of the entire Team.

Perth is up this Weekend where Stewart and the Team will be showing the SC-Scout Off-Road Hybrid Caravan and the XL-FF6 which is a lightweight On-Road Camper Trailer, perfect to be towed by a smaller car or SUV.

Make sure you drop in to say hello!