Scout-15 Off-Road Hybrid Caravan

All-New Scout-15 Interior Lounge Option

Standout Performer

The Scout-15 has been a standout performer of the Stoney Creek Campers range since it’s launch in early 2020 and is now due for some exciting updates.

The Scout-15 Off-Road Hybrid Caravan has been a real hit with families and couples, young and old alike since its inception early last year. Features such as the oversized main bed and separate shower and toilet often being the deciding factor for customers over competing models.

Providing a Choice

When designing the Scout-15, the idea was to create a comfortable hybrid no longer than fifteen feet in length that could accommodate a family of four without feeling cramped inside. Despite the final design featuring twin bunk beds for the kids, we’ve found that more and more couples are choosing the Scout-15 as the value of the extra bed and ensuite space far outweighs any downside of the underutilisation of the bunks.

A Hybrid for Two

With this in mind, the design team has been working on an additional layout within the Scout-15’s floor plan to better accommodate our camping couples. The result is our new lounge option with a larger, more comfortable seating area with plenty of headroom and durable upholstery. The new lounge is the same length as the original bunks (and also slightly deeper) so an afternoon snooze on the couch is still on the cards.

Stoney Creek Campers Scout-15 Off-Road Hybrid Caravan exterior set up at camping site featuring free camping capabilities.

Available Now

The new lounge option is available now at all Stoney Creek Campers showrooms. You have the choice to choose between the twin bunks or the new lounge with no difference in what you pay.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Scout-15 Off-Road Hybrid Caravan, check out the Scout-15 product page. To chat to one of our friendly staff about the new lounge option, send us a message via the contact form below or call your local showroom.


ATM Weight


Tare Weight


Ball Weight (approx. at Tare)


Total Length (inc. spare tyres)


Total Width (inc. awning)

Floor Plan

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