Nugget Sized Compact Off-Road Campers – A Buyers Guide

Super Compact Off-Road Camper Buying Guide

In recent years, a new type of off-road camper has grown in popularity – super compact off-road campers such as Stoney Creek’s “Nugget” range. These campers are designed and built for ultra-capable off-roading, typically around half the weight of a forward or rear fold camper, and a good deal shorter.

Budget offerings are most frequently little more than a storage box with an aftermarket tent on top, while higher-end models such as the Stoney Creek Nugget Soft Floor or Nugget Roof Top are more of an “inside-out caravan” with pull out kitchens, large water tanks, bench space, storage and multiple batteries. Some, such as the Nugget Roof Top have simple swing out 270-degree awnings that can be set up in a minute or two (convenient to quickly set up for lunch or when you have a break from driving).

Compact campers will typically either have a soft floor fold-out, with the bed located on the trailer body – or a rooftop tent fitted. If the latter, always ensure it’s from a reputable tent manufacturer.

Whether a soft-floor or rooftop tent variety, these are hands down the most capable off-road campers that money can buy. And if you’re buying one – it probably means you’re planning on getting off the black stuff. This means it’s critical that before purchasing, you check the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you’re protected for off-road use Australia-wide, and that it’s supported by a national network of authorised repairers.

When shopping for a new Nugget-style camper, also check that the trailer body has been seam welded to ensure it will withstand an off-road workout. Take a good look under the camper to ensure that all pipes and wiring is protected and that there is an independent coil suspension system with good quality shock absorbers. You’ll also want All-Terrain or Mud-Terrain tyres for better towing on rocks and sand. A good quality off-road hitch is obviously essential as well.

If you’d like to learn more about compact off-road campers or are interested in buying one of Stoney Creek’s rugged and tested Nugget models, please get in contact here!