What is a Hybrid Camper, and is it Right for You?

Hybrid Campers (or Hybrid Caravans): What are they, and is one right for you?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the camper market over the last few years, you’ll have seen more and more hybrid campers (or hybrid caravans) popping up – such as Stoney Creek’s “Scout” and “Scout-4” Hybrid Campers. While there’s plenty of different types (and qualities) on offer, in a nutshell, the “hybrid” concept aims to combine the comforts and luxuries of a caravan with the “go anywhere” appeal of a camper trailer.

Below we outline some of the key reasons why people choose hybrids:

The Creature Comforts of Home

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons people choose a hybrid over a traditional camper trailer is the ability to take the comfort and amenities of home with you. Hot water, solar power, air-conditioning, fridge freezer, kitchen, a 12 / 240-volt electrical system, a shower and toilet – many will come standard, and all are possible in a good hybrid!

Protection from the Elements

From their caravan cousins, hybrids have inherited hard walls and roofs, meaning owners are better protected from the elements compared with their canvas relatives! With the roof and walls being solid, hybrids also provide an added level of security and safety while camping. These walls also offer some insulation and, coupled with air-conditioning, this can extend your touring season.

A More Comfortable Size & Weight for Towing

From camper trailers, the hybrid inherits a more easily towed size and weight. Some hybrids clock in at around the width of a large four wheel drive, making them easy to tow through narrow bush tracks. And their lower weight compared with caravans means they’re easier to tow too.

In saying that, a hybrid is larger and heavier than normal camper trailers. Always make sure that your tow vehicle is suitable (and set up correctly) to tow a hybrid!

Off-Road Ability

Another key attribute borrowed from their camper trailer counterparts is their off-road ability – although the actual degree to which you can take a hybrid off the beaten track will vary wildly between manufacturers, and is always worth properly investigating.

If you’re intending to head off-road, look out hybrids with independent trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers and coil springs, a hot-dipped galvanised frame, heavy-duty brakes and top-quality build materials and finishes. Always check the warranty conditions as well, to ensure you’re protected wherever you are. 

External Kitchen Facilities

One of the best parts of camping is cooking outside. And yes, while we love cooking over the campfire as much as anyone else – the ability to have a good quality kitchen that allows convenient cooking is a huge bonus. One of the reasons the team at Stoney Creek love hybrids so much is that while you get the high-quality kitchen of a caravan, you also get the enjoyment of cooking outside.

To keep the size down and make the most of the camping lifestyle, the kitchen in most hybrids slides out of the body, with cooking taking place outside the camper.

Ease of Setup

Many buyers are also attracted to the ease of setup, which can be as simple as popping up the hard top roof – and presto, you’re camping!

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